CMHA Constitution

Avonroy Super Mario and Sandra Fenstad-Sanche. Owned by Christine Benishin. Photo: Mackenzie Szabo.



CMHA Constitution

The CMHA Constitution is available as a PDF download. Click on the link below.

CMHA Constitution (Latest Approved version)

By-Laws Chairperson:

Arlene MacKenzie, 141-4819C 48 Ave, Red Deer AB T4N 3T2 403-347-2919

Proposed By Law Changes

December 2016

The following are proposed bylaw changes that will be voted on at the Annual Members Meeting on April 1st, 2016 in Saskatoon, SK. Please read them carefully and either vote in person at the meeting or send a proxy to someone attending. If you have any questions on the bylaws, please contact Arlene MacKenzie, Bylaws Chairperson at 403 -348-1648.

Article XII. Officers and Directors, B. Zone Directors: 1(a to g)

Change 1(a) Quebec and Ontario

Change 1(b) Alberta, Northwest Territories (2007)

Change 1 (c) Atlantic Zone – Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador

Change 1(d) British Columbia, Yukon

Change 1(e) Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Nunavut (2002) (2007)

Rationale: ensures there will be representation and participation of all regions of the country at the Board level. This will reduce the directors from 7 to 5 positions.



f you have any suggestions, please forward to Arlene MacKenzie


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