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John Beaver and Armed And Dangerous on the hunt. Photo: Amanda Ubell.

Jenna Fisher MacDonald and her gelding
CBMF Striking Distance.
Photo: Andy Illes.

Candice Kontzie and her gelding Roycan Sir William.

Millenium Ultra Hot coming at ya!
Owned by Brenda Casteels.
Photo: Karie Elizabeth

Christi Nye and her boy Baronial Mr. Charisma.
Photo: Karie Elizabeth.




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Cosburn, Stan, BC (as of October 20, 2015)
Hedge, Marcia, ON (as of August 23, 2012)


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Noble-T Morgans Open Barn - Promoting Western Morgans

May 28, 2017   -  10 am to 4 pm

For your viewing pleasure: Ramuls Justin -
sons & daughters, grand & great grand get!

Some cutting, reining, & trail class demos.

Special Guest  Greg & Kathy Lyons of Wilga Park Morgans, Australia-Proud owners of RANCHBOSS CORTEZ.
Plus other specials guests!

For more information, contact Tom Nobles

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AGM News

Heading to Saskatoon, SK for 2017. Tentative dates are March 31 - April 1.
Bessborough Hotel, Saskatoon, SK

Future Host Sites

2017 - Saskatchewan
2018 - Quebec
2019 - Manitoba
2020 - Alberta
2021 - Ontario
2022 - British Columbia
2023 - Maritimes

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British Columbia

  • Feb 18– CMHA BC Yukon Zone Annual Meeting, Anchor Inn, 3030 Smith Drive, Armstrong. Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting and stay for the BCIMHC AGM luncheon event. Contact Laurie Ann Lyons250-571-9419
  • Feb 18– 11: 30 am BCIMHC Annual General Meeting, Anchor Inn, 3030 Smith Drive, Armstrong. The BCIMHC AGM is a luncheon event to meet and greet prior to the start of the meeting. Laurie Ann Lyons250-571-9419
  • March 4 - Tack Sale, Location TBA
  • May 28 - Open Barn, Reining, Cutting and Trail Class Demo at Noble-T Morgans. contact Tom Nobles.
  • April - Member Ride & Meeting at Timber Ridge Trails in Lumby BC. Ride for 11 am; meeting to follow. Bring a friend too! Non-members welcome. Nancy 250-546-9922,
  • May 25 - 28 - BC Morgan Show, on the border at NW Washington Fair and Event Center , 1775 Front Street, Lynden, Washington 98264.  Contact information Peter Morrison 604-628-7401. or our Facebook page or the club email
  • May - Pot O Gold Open Show, hosted by the BC Interior Morgan Horse Club, Breed Halter classes, Open classes in Showmanship, English & Western, Driving, Trail (in-hand & ridden), Costume, Leadline, and Select 50+. Armstrong BC Fairgrounds. Nancy 250-546-9922,, link to prize list will be available shortly.
  • June -
  • Sept – Annual Poker Ride (hosted by BCIMHC), at Timber Ridge Trails, Lumby BC, Nancy 250-546-9922,
  • Oct -
  • Nov -
  • Dec 17 –Christmas Party, Gunther and Dagmar Funks, Armstrong


  • Jan - Owners and Breeders Conference.
  • March 4 - CMHA AB/NWT/Nunavut Zone Annual Meeting 10:00 AM, Red Tail Landing Golf Club, Nisku AB Club and AB Youth Club meetings to follow. CMHA Gala to follow.Kelly Wagar
  • April 21-23 - Spring Fling Show at the Ponoka Agricultural Event Centre, (Arabians, Saddlebred, Morgan, & other breed classes)
  • May 19-22- Westener Spring Horse Show.
  • June - Alberta Classic Show, Ponoka, AB hosted by ASHA of Alberta at the Ponoka Agricultural Events Centre (classes for Saddlebreds, Morgans, Arabians & other breeds)
  • July - Summer Classic Show Aldona Tracey 780-986-6731
  • Aug - Western Canadian Championship & Futurity Show, Ponoka AB hosted by ASHA of Alberta at the Ponoka Agricultural Events Centre (classes for Saddlebreds, Morgans, Andalusians & other breeds) Aldona Tracey 780-986-6731
  • Sept 1-3 - Alberta Morgan Horse Show, Ponoka, AB hosted by the Alberta Morgan Horse Club (classes for Morgans, Saddlebreds & other breeds) Leann Dixon
  • Sept - AMHC Trail Ride, Sandy McNabb
  • Nov - Alberta CMHA Zone and AMHC semi-annual meetings starting at 10:00 am at the Millet Community Hall. Contact Leann Dixon or Kelly Wagar


  • Feb - SK Zone AGM and SMHC Annual General Meeting at the Executive Hotel 12:30 pm. Carol Uhrich or Judith Dexter
  • April 1 - CMHA AGM, Bessborough Hotel, Saskatoon. Judith Dexter
  • May - SMHC Meeting 11:30 am at Fair Board Office, Estevan. Carol Uhrich or Judith Dexter
  • June 10 - 11 - Sask Morgan Horse Show / Open Horse Show, Estevan. contact Stan Milford 306- 634-3333 or Angie Stelnicki 306-634-5876
  • Oct 1 - SK Morgan Horse Club AGM: 1:00 pm at the Executive Hotel, 4025 Albert St. Regina.


  • Feb 25- Manitoba Morgan Horse Club AGM at 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm (CMHA MB Zone meeting to follow) Days Inn Portage la Prairie – Caledonia Rm 2nd floor, Hwy 1 and Yellowquill Trail, Portage la Prairie. Potential new members are welcome to attend as non-voting participants. CMHA Manitoba Zone meeting to follow at 3:00 pm.  Contact Dianne Brown 204-246-2302
  • June - MMHC meeting, 204-246-2302
  • July - MMHC meetting, Dianne Brown
  • Aug - All Breeds Horse Show Brandon.Dianne Brown
  • August - MMHC (since 1970) meeting in Brandon
  • Nov - Manitoba Morgan Horse Club AGM 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm. Comfort Inn 925 Middleton Ave. (just of #1 Hwy) Brandon, MB. In Breakfast Room beside main lobby Zone meeting to follow. Dianne Brown 204-246-2302



  • Jan 17, 2016 - January Thaw – NB Morgan Club booth- Fredericton NB
  • Feb   - NB Morgan Club Mid Winter Dinner Gasthof Old Bavarian Restaurant (Giermindl's) 1130 Knightville Road  -  directions -   Note they do  not accept debit or credit cards. They accept cash or cheques.
  • Feb -NS Club Meeting at 11:00 am at Bitars Pasta and Grill, Elmsdale. Michelle MacDonald
  • Feb - Morgan Horse Club of Nova Scotia AGM Legion in Stewiacke
  • May -Equine Review, PLP Sussex NB Dawn Brown 506-433-5725
  • May - Robin Groves Clinic, PLP Sussex, NB Melissa Mackenzie 506-832-5515    
  • June - New Brunswick Morgan/Arab Show PLP Sussex, NB Dawn Brown 506-433-5725
  • July - Sunrise Summer Classic PLP Sussex, NB Dawn Brown 506-433-5725
  • Aug - The NS Morgan Show, Windsor, NS. Marg Porter
  • Oct 23 - Semi-annual NB club meeting 1:00 pm, Agricultural Building Sussex NB (back door). Dawn Brown 506-433-5725 Zone Meeting to follow.
  • Nov. - Semi-annual NS club meeting, Stewiacke Legion at 10:00 am


News from the American Morgan Horse Association

The Certificate of Service portion of AMHA's registration application, or some functional equivalent, has long been a part of the process required to register a Morgan horse.

Blood Typing, DNA and the Parentage Verification Program
Beginning in February 1972, AMHA made concerted efforts to bring its Registry Rules and Regulations in line with industry standards. In the early days of natural breeding, the stallion owner's signature had been used as a means of supporting the integrity of the registration application. The voluntary use of formalized stallion reports was considered. In 1974, foals of mares exposed to two different stallions within 35 days were required by the registry to be blood typed. Stallion reports also became mandatory with that breeding season.

In 1977, AMHA adopted its random blood typing program, which was first used on a limited basis. As of 1981, AMHA required all producing stallions to be blood typed and a random 1% of foals tested to its sire and dam. In and after 1987 all maiden mares foaling for the first time had to be blood typed. The use of semen transport, frozen semen, and embryo transfer became available in 1980s with the requirement of blood typing of the resulting foal as well as its dam (or donor dam). In 1991, all foals were required to be blood typed before registration, and 1994 saw the requirement of blood typing for all maiden mares, prior to the registration of their foal, come into place. In 2000, AMHA's blood-based program evolved into the DNA-based program currently being used.

Certificate of Service
The first registration applications from the 1920s required certification by the stallion owner that their stallion was bred to a specific mare on or about the stated date of service.

In the 1960s, this certification took the form of a "Breeder's Certificate." This certificate required both the sire owner (or keeper) and dam owner (if it is not the same owner) to sign certifying that a specific Morgan mare was bred to a specific Morgan stallion and the dates of service.

Sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s, the "Breeder's Certificate" was changed to a "Certificate of Service." The mare owner signed to certify that he/she owned a particular mare and bred her by natural service to the stallion mentioned as the sire of the foal for which registration was requested. The stallion owner (if different from the mare owner/lessee) signed to certify that the designated mare was bred by natural service to his/her named stallion on the dates provided.

In the late 1970s, the certification by the mare and stallion owner was split. The mare owner/lessee signed the registration application attesting "I hereby certify the above parentage and particulars are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief." Now the Certificate of Service only required the stallion owner's/lessee's signature, when the applicant was not the owner of both the sire and dam at the time of service.

In 1984, the registration application was amended to reflect the possibility of additional breeding methods. Now the stallion owner/lessee signing a Certificate of Service was certifying that an identified mare was serviced by an identified stallion by AI, hand, embryo transfer, or pasture. All dates on which the mare was covered were to be recorded. The 1986 registration application was further amended to include references to frozen semen and semen transport in the Certificate of Service. In 2003, the wording on the Certificate of Service was changed slightly to read "This is to certify the above mare was bred to the above stallion on list all dates the mare was covered using AI, hand, pasture, frozen semen, semen transport, or embryo transfer." The signature of all stallion owner(s) or lessee(s) at the time of service or owner of frozen semen at the time of use were required.

In 2004, a subcommittee was formed to review the requirement of the stallion owner's signature on the Certificate of Service. The wording current at that time required the stallion owner to certify information that they often could not accurately certify because they routinely had no knowledge regarding the actual use of semen shipped by them or their agent. In 2005, the Registry Committee moved to reword the certification on both the Certificate of Service and the separately required Stallion Service Report to allow the stallion owner to certify information that they were more likely to be able to certify.

The wording on the Stallion Service Report was changed from "I hereby certify that the above named mares were bred to this stallion shown." to "I hereby certify that the above named mares were bred or exposed to this Stallion as shown or if semen from this stallion was shipped it was with the understanding that the mare(s) listed would be inseminated using fresh cooled or frozen semen."

The wording on the Certificate of Service was changed to "1. This is to certify the above mare was bred to the above named stallion on month, day, year using pasture breeding, hand breeding, or AI on the farm; or 2. This is to certify that fresh cooled semen or frozen semen from the above named stallion was shipped on month, day, year for the insemination of the above listed mare. I hereby certify that the above named mare was bred or exposed to the above named stallion as shown or that if semen from this stallion was shipped it was with the understanding that the mare listed would be inseminated using fresh cooled or frozen semen.

In February 2009, the AMHA board voted to remove the Certificate of Service portion from the registration application effective January 1, 2010. In May of 2009, the board voted to remove the Frozen Semen Certificates. The decision to remove the Certificate of Service was upheld during the August 2009 Board meeting; however, the removal of Frozen Semen Certificates was tabled pending further education and research. All other requirements for registration, including the Stallion Service Report and Frozen Semen Certificates and rules, currently remain in effect. DNA analysis proves or disproves the parentage indicated on the registration application. Any additional purpose to be served by requiring a stallion owner's signature seems to be served by requiring either a Stallion Service Report or a Certificate of Service. It does not appear that both are necessary. AMHA has received some correspondence from concerned stallion owners. Some use the requirement for a stallion owner's signature as a means for collection of breeding fees. Others are concerned that semen can be used for multiple breedings without their knowledge. Current AMHA Registry Rules require a properly filed Stallion Service Report for every registration application. If a mare identified as the dam of a foal being registered is not listed on a report, a "red flag" is raised and the AMHA will contact the stallion owner for the additional information or a valid reason why the information is not being provided. Owners of foals produced from frozen semen must provide a properly signed Frozen Semen Certificate with the registration application. In the absence of this information, registration applications may be held up for a reasonable period of time to allow the parties to come to an agreement and provide AMHA with the required information or paperwork to permit registration. Of course, AMHA will abide by court orders related to any registration application.

AMHA encourages stallion owners to protect themselves and their stallions by ensuring they have strong, properly executed breeding contracts. Plans are underway to invite an attorney to speak during the 2010 AMHA Annual Convention on equine contracts as AMHA's way of assisting Morgan owners develop contracts that will help to clearly define their terms for breeding and collection of fees. A forum on frozen semen also will be held. We hope you can attend; however, for those who cannot, audio tapes will be available through AMHA's website following the conference.

Below, we have provided pertinent Registry Rules and Regulations that describe required reports and other requirements for registration of foals that are in effect as of January 1, 2010.

Section 1: Stallion Service Reports

1. A separate Stallion Service Report shall be filed with the Register for each stallion.
2. A Stallion Service Report must be filed prior to midnight, January 15 of the following year by the recorded owner or recorded lessee at the time of exposure or use of a registered stallion that was exposed to or whose semen was used to inseminate a registered mare anytime during the preceding twelve (12) consecutive months.
3. A Stallion Service Report shall include and distinguish between artificial and natural (hand or pasture breeding) services and transported cooled semen and frozen semen. In the event that frozen semen is used to inseminate a registered mare and the owner of the frozen semen and the owner of the stallion are not the same person(s), the owner of the frozen semen at the time of insemination is required to file a Stallion Service Report prior to midnight, January 15 of the following year.
4. If a stallion is used for breeding at more than one (1) location during a calendar year, a separate Stallion Service Report shall be filed for each location.
5. A late fee will be charged if the Stallion Report is filed after January 15 but before February 15 following the current breeding season, after which an additional late fee will be charged.

Section 1-B: Applications for foals conceived using Frozen Semen (also see Rule 2, Section 5)

1. All applications for registration must be correctly completed on the official Register form and submitted with the appropriate Register fee.
2. Every application for registration must be completed with the personal signature of the recorded owner or recorded lessee of the dam at the time of foaling.
3. If the owner or lessee of record of the stallion and the owner of the frozen semen are NOT the same, a Frozen Semen Certificate or application issued by the Registry shall be submitted with the registration application.
4. Every person applying for registration of a horse must furnish (at the applicant's expense) a DNA Report and/or a Blood Type Report as may be required pursuant to Rule Two, Section Three.

Section 4: Semen Transport

Before any semen is transported from the location of collection, the owner or lessee of record of every stallion whose semen is collected shall apply for and receive from the Register an Official Semen Transport Permit, and the blood type or DNA analysis report of the stallion shall be recorded with the Register.

Section 5: Frozen Semen

1. Transport of frozen semen shall be in conformance with the requirements of Rule 2, Section 4 above. If, at the time of breeding, the owner or lessee of record of the stallion and the owner of the frozen semen are the same, the owner shall complete the accompanying Breeders Certificate of Service to register the resulting foal. If, at the time of breeding, the owner or lessee of record of the stallion and the owner of the frozen semen are not the same, a Frozen Semen Certificate issued by the Registry shall be submitted with the registration application in lieu of a Breeders Certificate of Service.
2. The owner of frozen semen is required to file a stallion service report in accordance with Rule 9, Section 1.

This form allows the owner of frozen semen to authorize AMHA to issue the Frozen Semen Certificates in the name of the purchaser listed and to release them directly to the purchaser and is typically used when larger amounts of frozen semen are purchased.


October 19, 2006


You may have recently received a letter from the AMHA Registry telling you about a program to dual register Canadian registered Morgans with the American Morgan Horse Association.

Reciprocity involves the registrations of Morgan horses and does not involve memberships. The first line of the reciprocity agreement between the AMHA and the CMHA states that,

"Reciprocity is the mutual recognition of certificates of registration for registered Morgan horses..."

There is no mention of reciprocal memberships in the reciprocity agreement.

We apologize for an inconvenience and confusion that the wording of our letter may have created.

Moratorium Registration Form

From the CMHA

You will soon be, or may already have, received notification from the American Morgan Horse Association regarding the implementation of a fee for registering Canadian bred horses when sold to the U.S.

The AMHA will be charging the importer of the Canadian bred horse $30.00 for each horse that is not currently in their database. Canada currently exports 90 – 100 Morgans per year.

The CMHA as well as Canadian Livestock Records has been in contact with the AMHA Registration department for the past few months, trying to work out an arrangement to share information from our Registration system to try and get around this problem.

We are still working on this problem and are still in talks with Tyler Atwood and Georgie Green of the AMHA. Lyle Dietz & Lori Kruger bothtraveled to the AMHA Convention in Kentucky in February at their own expense to try and work out a solution. They meet with Georgie Green to discuss options, and had left with the feeling that something could be done to exchange the required information without any added cost to buyers or sellers. Our Registry Chairperson has volunteered to do data entry at AMHA to try and fill the gaps in pedigrees and catch them up on our Canadian bred horses at no cost to the AMHA. Unfortunately, at this time, we have not been able to come to an agreement as to how this can be done.

We have been getting some feedback from CMHA members that we should have put out notifications earlier about the additional fees. We did not feel we should be sending out a notice if there was someway we could work out a solution to this problem, and also, that it was up to the AMHA to notify members of changes in their registry and additional fees that would be charged.

The AMHA has recently sent out an E-mail to its members and sent the CMHA office a press release which was posted to the CMHA website. The AMHA has also recently requested mailing labels from the CLRC to send a notice out to all Canadian Morgan horse owners.This notice will appear in the September/October issue of the CanadianMorgan magazine.

At this time, the AMHA has offered a reduced rate to record the Canadian bred horses into their system. As requested by the CMHA, the offer has been extended until December 31st, 2006. The AMHA is offering dual registration for your CMHA registered horse at a reduced rate of $15.00 (US funds).

For more information, contact the AMHA Office at

June 16, 2006

The Federal Livestock Act in Canada requires all Canadian owners of pedigreed livestock to register with the Canadian National Livestock Records (CNLR) Until Reciprocity between the Canadian Morgan Horse Association and the American Morgan Horse Association was established, this government mandate forced Canadian owners todouble register their Morgans if they wanted American papers. Because of the expense involved in dual registering, some Canadian Morgans were not registered with the AMHA. Reciprocity with Canada was created in 1986 to eliminate the need and expense for Canadians to double register their Morgans.

In 1986, Reciprocity was granted to Canada for all Canadian Morgans that were blood tested back to American registered Morgans. Canadian Morgans that were not tested back to American registered Morgans were marked as being ineligible for U. S. Reciprocity. That designation remained with the horse until the blood testing requirements were satisfied. Some Canadian bred Morgans still carry that designation.

Twenty years later and several generations of horses later, we now have Morgans being imported into the United States whose parents and grandparents may not be in our data base due to reciprocity. The first rule of the Registry requires any horse being registered to have a registered Morgan sire and a registered Morgan dam. Therefore beforethe horse that is being imported can be registered with the AMHA, we must register the non-registered ancestors. The cost of registering the horse that is being imported is covered by the fee that is attached to the reciprocity application. However, until recently, there has not been a fee to cover the cost of registering the non-AMHA registered ancestors despite the fact that registering them is a more involved and time consuming process than registering the horse that is being imported.

During the April 2005 Registry and Board Meetings, a fee to cover the expense of registering unregistered ancestors in the reciprocity program was discussed and approved.

A fee of $30 per non-registered ancestor was approved to cover the cost of entering this information into the AMHA data base.
Along with this change, a moratorium on dual registering a horse was approved. During the moratorium, the owner ofa Canadian or British registered horse could apply for an AMHA registration number at the reduced rate of $15 (normally $30) for their non AMHA registered breeding stock. The moratorium was to run from January 1, 2006 to June 30, 2006. Late last week the Canadian Morgan Horse Association requested that we postpone implementation of the fee changes approved at the April 2005 Registry and Board Meeting. The President of the CMHA has requested that the moratorium be extended.

The Registry Committee met via conference call on Tuesday, June 13 th and approved an extension of the program which will now be available through December 31 st. An aggressive promotional program is planned.

Registry Changes for Morgans Being Imported from Canada or Great Britain
Currently when a horse is imported to the USA from Canada or Great Britain, the new US owner must pay a $30 fee to have the horse recorded in their name at the AMHA. This is a program that was established in 1986 when reciprocity started and the AMHA had records on all Canadian and British Morgans. After twenty years of operating their own registries, Canada and Great Britain now have Morgans registered in their registries that the AMHA does not have record of. Frequently these horses are showing up in the pedigree of horses being imported. Therefore, as of July 1, 2006, a $30 fee will be required for each ancestor in the pedigree of the horse being imported that is not registered with the AMHA in addition to the $30 fee for the horse being imported.

If you have questions about how this will apply to a specific horse you are planning to import, please contact the egistry and we can review the pedigree with you.


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